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December 2013 ADS-B Mandate for flights at or above FL290

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) released the following 29th October 2013, regarding mandatory use of ADS-B for flights in Australian airspace at or above Flight Level 290 commencing 12th December 2013.

[…]"CASA Exemption No. EX113/13 for flight without ADS-B at/above FL290 in Exempted Airspace areas – Australian East-Coast Radar coverage area and most oceanic control areas of Australian airspace. Duration of Exemption - 12 December 2013 until 11 December 2015.

Further to previous advice, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has finalised the general Exemption for flight at/above FL290 for aircraft without ADS-B in the exempted airspace areas of the Australian east-coast radar coverage and in most of Australian administered oceanic areas. Other areas of Australian administered airspace are not exempted. Please ensure that you acquaint yourself with the exempted and non-exempted areas of airspace.

The oceanic control areas not exempted are the Gulf of Carpentaria, the Great Australian Bight and some areas of Bass Straight, as depicted in the charts included with CASA EX113/13.

The full details of the Exemption including the charts of the areas of exempted airspace are now at the following link on the CASA website - Click Here

If you wish to operate an aircraft at/above FL290 in the exempted airspace areas on/after 12 December 2013, you must notify CASA of the operator and aircraft details by completing and sending CASA Form 208 to CASA at least 14 days before your first intended flight. Form 208 can be completed and sent to CASA online and is available at the above link on the CASA website. There is nil cost to operators for notifying of your intention to operate under the provisions of the Exemption. CASA will inform the Australian air traffic service provider, Airservices Australia, of the details of the notified aircraft, for use in its ATC system.

After submitting CASA Form 208 no further notification to CASA is necessary for the duration of the Exemption unless further aircraft are to be notified. In that case, Form 208 should again be completed with details of the additional aircraft.

Please note that the conditions of the Exemption require that flight at/above FL290 is contained in the exempted airspace and that flight plans submitted for each flight undertaken must be annotated with RMK/ADSB EXEMPT in Field 18."